You had a beautiful wedding!  R Spears Photography team captured all those special moments that you want to remember for the rest of your life.  If you haven't already made the decision to invest in a wedding album, I cannot say enough how important this is.  There have been so many times I've talked with couples who got married years ago, and perhaps they had a few prints made, or they took the CD of images to the local pharmacy and had some 4x6 prints made, and put in a little sleeve album.  Years from now, when your children or grandchildren ask about your wedding, wouldn't it be great to take a professionally bound heavy book off the bookshelf, and see the a press-printed album of your memories?

If you made the decision to have an album designed for you, we need you to help us pick the images to use in the album.  The way we do that is for you to create a "Favorites" collection.  As you go through the online gallery, at the top of each picture (Next to the "BUY" option is a link for "Add to Favorites".  Once you add pictures to your favorites, we'll be able to start designing your album.  Don't forget that after you select your favorites, you must SHARE your favorites with me. (that's just how the gallery software works) For most albums, we'll need you to pick out from 80 to 100 images (for an average 30 page 12"x12" album)  Here's a video to help you see how easy it is to share your favorite images:  

Remember to save your favorites, and send it to us.  You'll hear from us quickly, and before you know it, you'll be approving the pages of your album.